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Jesus sun rays

Is he Rome's sUn god or the world's savior? Consider who controls all aspects of it.

Son of God or Roman sun god?

We examine the idea that Jesus Horus Christ is a pagan god descended from other pagan gods.


Start by understanding that Rome's Jesus is the center of Christianity, while Horus is a sky god.


Many skeptics say Jesus Horus Christ (JC) resembles pagan gods. Jesus and Horus were considered to be virgin births. These parallels suggest JC is a mythological copy.

Many also link Horus and Jesus to the sun. The rising and setting sun symbolize resurrection and rejuvenation for both figures. This similarity suggests JC is a sun-worshipped composite figure. The December solstice-the sun dying for three days and three nights and rising again-is associated with Jesus death and resurrection. Therefore, the Catholic Church bases its pagan Christmas dates, death, and resurrection on when the solstice and equinox occur. Stop for a moment and think about that. They control all aspects and timed events of their JC. Why? They are the embodiment of their god.

JC may have incorporated parts of Mithras and Dionysus. Mithras and Dionysus were popular deities when Jesus lived, and their traits and stories may have impacted the JC myth.

Many believe JC comes from ancient astral religions. These religions valued celestial bodies; thus, Jesus Christ's stories may incorporate them.

To assess JC's pagan god connections, one must understand the Roman Catholic Church's history. Ancient civilizations' and religious practices' timelines reveal belief system evolution and potential influences on Christianity.

A false Jesus with his sun rays
The Pope displaying its sun gods sun rays.
Jesus with his sun rays as he plays the sun of Rome.

These are undoubtedly the Roman church's sun gods.


The sun's yearly position dictates all church events.


JC's birth, death, and resurrection are not an exception.

Look no further than the Roman Catholic Church's solar arrays, which convey all elements of its sun deity. It appears Rome made JC, or did JC really build the church? This is all about promoting their sun god Jesus Horus Christ.


Yahuah says in His Torah that there will never be another to bring salvation. He emphasizes several times that He is the one way to salvation and will never send another. Today, the world longs for redemption through Rome's heathen god, Jesus Christ.


It is crucial to distinguish the Torah from other Jesus Horus Christ ideas. While various viewpoints are important, we must trust reputable sources like our Creator's Torah.


According to some, Jesus Horus Christ is a pagan god who imitated or originated from other pagan gods. Jesus and other ancient people share commonalities; let the Torah be your final word in your search for truth.

We must acknowledge the existence of an Old Testament, including the Torah, the Father's teachings, and His plan of salvation. Then there is the recent New Testament, which openly contradicts the words of our Creator.


Whom would you believe, our Creator Father, or a Roman fabricated sUn god?

Two presentations by Caesar's Messiah

We disagree with some of the material offered here, we believe the mythical parts are correct.

Short presentation by the Caesar's Messiah.

Full presentation by the Caesar's Messiah.

If His 10 Commandments are still valid,

why do we not understand His first?

Yahuah said, "Thou shall have no other gods before me," which includes Rome's Jesus Horus Christ.

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