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First Visible Confusion

Providing three days of confusion for its followers.

The First Visible Crescent (FVC) must be a visible sign prior to its sighting, visible to the entire world at the same moment in time, and a significant event displayed where there is no confusion involved in beginning a month for the entire world, so the entire world shares the same SINGLE day, not causing multiple Sabbaths.

The heavens declare His glory

The first visible crescent (FVC) is one of three basic moon phases used to begin the month. The fascination with the crescent moon stems from a recruiting frenzy some 25 years ago. This is when Luni-solar Sabbath followers began to recognize the luminaries as the scriptural calendar once more, which is a good thing. Most relied solely on the word of the recruiters and did not conduct their own research.


Because it takes three days to pass through all continents and become totally visible to everyone who seeks it, its emergence across the face of the earth is fraught with uncertainty. This website makes it abundantly evident, with video backing, photos, and data from a government organization indicating that the crescent moon's visibility lasts three days. Another concern is that there are no indicators in the heavens directing searchers to the FVC's visibility. Furthermore, someone with better eyesight, say in California, will notice a sliver, while their neighbor with bad eyes will not notice it until the next night, resulting in multiple Sabbaths for seekers seeking the same results.

Here are the facts.

Criteria that are problematic.


Without the aid of data or an app, no one can determine when the first glimpse of the waxing crescent moon would be available. Historians have long yearned for a simple criterion for establishing if a razor-thin crescent could have been seen on a certain date from, say, ancient Babylon.

Problematic first visible crescent
Babylonian calendar

Babylonian calendar


It was a lunisolar calendar with 12 lunar months that started each year when a new crescent moon appeared low on the western horizon at dusk and an intercalary month added as necessary by decree. The calendar is based on a Sumerian Third Dynasty of Ur forerunner preserved in the Shulgi Umma calendar about 21st century BC.

The following images from HMNAO / IoP MoonWatch project demonstrates that the First Visible Crescent conceals significant issues.

-  Here is the visibility key for the following three images  -

Crescent visibility key

Sighting or evening #1


This image below embodies the first evening of spotters.


It is evident that this initial handful of observers in the south eastern Pacific are ecstatic to commence their new moon day based on their local observations of the celestial crescent moon.

First night of three of confusion 1
2nd night of three of confusion

Evening #1 The folks in the SW Pacific spot the first of three Sabbaths.

Sighting or evening #2


This image shows the second evening of spotters.


These are usually the majority; their new moon day is based on their local SECOND evening of observations.


This group of spotters will celebrate their Sabbath a day after the first group. This is not what our Creator had planned.

3rd night of three of confusion
4th night of three of confusion

Sighting or evening #2 creates a second of at least three Sabbaths.

Crescent moon sighting or evening #3


The image below shows a third group of spotters.


These folks are a THIRD group of observers.


?? Did our Creator give us three new moon days each month ??

3rd night of three of confusion

Sighting #3, 4, 5?

How far must one go to see the Crescent moon?

Those in the extreme north east will never even see the crescent moon!

3rd night of three of confusion


We are sure the mass confusion is understood, and for at least this month, it has caused four Sabbaths, which is not the way of our Creator.

For those who preserve the early visible crescent for their new moon day, this is at best the least of their concerns.


This page and the calendar below can help the confused followers understand why all the confusion exists.


Simply put, multiple sightings cause multiple new moon days as well as multiple Sabbaths.


These are realities that have been going against our Creator's designs for centuries.

FVC calendar gone wild

As a reminder, Rosh Hodesh, the beginning of a month, is about the renewal of the counting of days, not the reillumination of the moon. In order to achieve this repeated counting of days, there must be clear, visible, and identifiable indicators in the heavens for us to use for not only proclaiming the arrival of, but also the arrival of a new month.


The first visible crescent is in no way capable of offering those indications.


Only the full moon delivers those complete, faultless heavenly indicators.

Are you certain you want to be a part of all this chaos?

Massive monthly confusion
Nowhere in Bangladesh.
Contrary to confusing claims.
It's happening again!
I have miscalculated again!
Moon not sighted in Chicago
Different locations, different sightings!
I could not spot it.
No confusion here : (

Even the pros do not agree on a day.

The facts for consideration are clear; you have an option regarding your new moon day.


Following the full moon, there are very obvious and unambiguous "signs" in the heavens that our Creator Father revealed to His people.

Following the full moon, our Creator Father reveals to His people the very clear and unequivocal "signs" in the heavens.


Or you can follow the immense chaos.

We present the information; you make the decision.



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