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Is keeping our Creators Lunar Solar calendar important to the One who created it?

Rome erased Yahuah's heavenly calendar from human perception.


Yahuah, the Father warned us this was going toccur.


Yes, We must keep His lunar-solar calendar to be in covenant with Him, Just as we must keep His commandments.


We must purge ourselves from all Roman influences.

Full moon setting in the west

According to Father Yahuah who created all things, there must be signs in the heavens to determine when a new month begins. This is why the only moon phase can be the full moon as the beginning of a new lunar cycle, which represents the beginning of months. That's why we celebrate the full moon as the new moon; it is a fresh start and establishes the dates for His feast days. It is only the full moon that provides the clear and visible “signs” in the heavens that begin each month.

Join our community and share the clear and concise witnessing of the full moon together!

In the video, the SDA church knows of, yet hide His heavenly calendar.


The SDA church utilizes the sunset to end their day, as well as other signs set forth by Grace Amadon lunar studies. Yet they refuse to acknowledge Yahuah's calendar.

his signs

Two opposing calendars.
Our Creators Vs Rome's Gregorian.

Two opposing calebdars
Two opposing calendars.
Dos calendarios opuestos.

If it is your desire to follow our Creator's ways, His units of time are all defined by the integrated orchestration of the sun, moon, and stars. This includes weeks, months, days, and years, as defined in Genesis 1:14. The light of the celestial bodies directly beacons every divinely ordained unit of time, including the month and the week. Please understand that Yahuah's calendar has nothing to do with a seven-day continuous weekly cycle, as the Gregorian calendar has today. His months have always begun with a new moon.


Also, the seventh day of the week, the day of Saturnalia we today call "Saturday," is in no way the seventh day spoken of within the pages of the Torah. A continuous weekly cycle of seven days is Rome's gift to humanity in order to "Remove our Creator's ways from the minds of all humanity."


This and much more is our Creators heavenly calendar.

Every month is ushered in with a new moon. Our Creator said, "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, for seasons, for days, and for years." Genesis 1:14.

In contrast to the Roman Gregorian calendar, which bases its days and years on the position of the sun, their months and weeks follow an unbroken cycle of succeeding weeks that is independent of the sun, moon, or stars.

And he shall speak noble words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws; and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. Daniel 7:25

Major moon phases displayed
Compare phases

Let's compare the phases

The Full Moon is a "SIGN" as prescribed by our Creator.


It is the waxing, visible, beautifully illuminated "sign" in the heavens, not only in the early night hours but also during daylight hours which the world will witness as it boldly announces the arrival of our Creator's new moon day. Looking up at the firmament at the exact same moment is all it takes for anyone, anywhere on the earth to determine when the new month will commence.

A bright VISIBLE full moon.
Full moon tonight
Do not bother looking; you will never find the moon.

This is the Dark Conjunction.


Due to the lack of any signs, it is only possible to guess or check NASA data to see when it will transpire. We will not even talk about this phase because it is indiscernible and cannot begin a month. Many roads lead to Rome, including this phase. Followers of the dark moon need and depend on a "leader" who will seek the data from the NASA website and then tell his followers when it will take place. It is like driving down a dark dirt road on a moonless night with your lights off! Who would do that? Seeking a black moon in a black sky is not a sign, nor is it of our Creator.

Black moon sighting imposable

This is the First Visible Crescent. (FVC)


The FVC phase is a popular phase, as this is what most are introduced to when seeking His true calendar. Yet this is the most confusing phase for people all over the earth. Simply review the comments on the FVC Watch Facebook sites and read all the conflicting messages. This is due to the fact that its traversing and becoming visible over the face of the earth takes three days, which causes at least three Sabbaths every month. ​Please seek out the true and concise "signs" of the full moon, our Creator is not the author of confusion. We have been there and done that!

Because of the enormous confusion it causes, it cannot be the phase our Creator gave us to begin His months.

It is a stunning sight, but its sightings cause much confusion.

First Visible Crescent is mass confusion
The confusing crescent moon.
Crescent mass confusion

Let us take a closer look at how the full moon displays its "signs" to the entire world at the same time to begin its months.

What "signs" look like in the Torah.


  • Signs must be visible.

  • Geographically comprehended as well.

  • The entire world must understand them.

  • Appropriate lighting or illumination - For example, a roadway sign.

  • Colors that do not contrast, such as a black moon in a black sky, won't work.


Consider whether you would make it difficult to read or hard to grasp if you had a business with a roadside sign. You, of course, would not! You would make it as noticeable as possible.

When our Creator placed His signs in the heavens, whether the stars, the sun, or the moon, He designed them so that the entire world might see and understand their message.

  • Would Yahuah ever put a dark moon in the middle of a dark sky as a sign? ~ NO!

  • Would He tell His people to pick one of three or four barely visible crescent moons that take three or four days to cover the face of the earth, resulting in three or four Sabbaths per month? ~ NEVER!

  • Could He utilize an increasingly bright moon to herald the arrival of His full moon, which the entire world can see without the assistance of a leader, to usher in His new months? ~ YES!

Signs the world sees
Is it waxing or waning

Before we go too far, Is it waxing, or waning?
It is actually very easy to tell.

This is important for those who watch the moon phases.


  • If the moon is visible during the morning daylight hours, it is waning.


  • If you see it in the afternoon, it is waxing. The light is getting brighter.

Here is another way of watching for the waxing or waning moon.


Where is the moon during daylight hours in relation to the sun as it moves from east to west?


If it is east of the sun or following the sun as they move to the west, it is a waxing moon.

In the afternoon sky, the sun will disappear below the horizon before the moon.


If the moon is west of the sun or in front of the sun as it moves to the west, it is a waning moon.

This will be in the early sky, and the moon will reach the western horizon before the sun.

All these signs are observable during daylight hours as well.

The above is true for either the northern or the southern hemispheres.

But the way the moon is facing in each hemisphere differs.

Tell of a waning and waxing or moon
Moon looks full

But the moon looks "full" for several nights!

For people who do not observe the full moon as the new moon and ask, "Which full moon do you observe?" There are multiple nights when the moon appears to be full!"


This is correct; the moon appears full on app three nights prior to turning full. The answer is we do not keep any of them. Those beautifully illuminated moons are signs from our Creator, guiding us to, and then through, the shift from a waxing to a waning moon, announcing our new moon day!


More on the "transition" below.

Graphics to aid in what to look for.

Remember to watch for waxing moon in later afternoon and early evening hours.

Waxing moon North Vs South
Waxing phase illustrated

Watch for the coming of new moon day during the later afternoon hours, this is when the moon is waxing.

As the sun sets in the west you will see the moon showing off in all it's illuminated glory in the east.


In the afternoon and evening, you will see the moon growing to 100% full.


You are looking in the later afternoon daylight hours - It is Waxing. Increasing in size.

You will see these details during the waxing phase, this illustration shows how the transition will take place.

Watching for the full moon to the new moon day is likened to watching an approaching train



A waxing and waning moon is likened to a train that comes and goes.

The train is likened to the transition from a waxing moon to a waning moon

The train is visible and increases in size for some time before arriving at your current location, which we shall refer to as a waxing moon.

When the train arrives at your location, it "transitions" from expanding, or waxing in size, to moving away from you, waning as it begins to fade and reduce in size and light again.

We believe they are the highly obvious "signs" that our Creator Father talked of and provided us in Genesis 1:14 to avoid the confusion that the first visible crescent sighting produces over its three-day sightings.

The full moon gloriously displays its signs as it waxes in size during daylight and dark hours for several days as it witnesses to the world. Then, when it becomes 180 degrees opposite the sun, it transitions from waxing to waning, just as the train transitions from coming to going.

The transition.

When the moon reaches its fullness in the evening, at sun rise the next morning, you can tell that a change has occurred. You will see the moon right at, or just above, the western horizon, and you will know a new month has begun.

Here's something to keep in mind:

1) A waxing moon is visible later in the day and at night after sunset.

2) As it begins to fade or wane, it will become visible during the morning hours of daylight.

Train transition
Transition The

The signs of the transition for the new moon.

The signs will be visible for the entire world to witness in a single occurrence.

At sun-SET, watch the full moon break the eastern horizon.


The evening of the transition at sunset.

Two men watching full moon

The next morning at sun-RISE the moon is at, or just above the western horizon.


The morning after the transition

Full moon on western horizon

! It is all about the transition !

Transition occurs when the moon moves from its waxing phase to its waning phase.

The evening full moons that come before the transition, these are the indicators, the signs our Father uses to point us to His upcoming new moon day (NMD). We do NOT use them as a NMD. They tell us the transition is upon us.


In the evening, every person on earth can watch the moon as it rises over the eastern horizon at sun SET. Then the following morning, at sun RISE, we can watch the moon hovering just over, and settling down to the western horizon.

When this occurs,



Clarity Vs Confusion


The green square displays clear signs of the full moon leading to Yahuah's new moon.

A waxing moon explained.

This red circle contains the dark and the first visible crescent moons,

each causing multiple Sabbaths, and monthly mass confusion.

Reference image above

( 1 )

At sun SET, each evening, watch the moon grow as it appears full for three evenings (3 witnesses) in the east until it becomes 100% full.


( 2 )

The night after the three bright moons (1) at sun SET you will see the moon peaking over the eastern horizon. The transition from waxing to waning will most likely take place this night.


( 3 )

At 100% illumination the transition occurs; it takes but a moment, yet it is very obvious and observable. This is when the moon has "transitioned" from waxing to waning.


( 4 )

The transition has taken place.

The next morning, look east and see the sun RISE breaking the eastern horizon, then look at the western horizon. If you see the moon just above or right at the western horizon, you can tell the transition has taken place, and that morning begins your new moon day.

Clarity Vs confusion

Remember this crucial point.

New Moon means New Month

It is NOT synonymous with the initial commencement of the moon's illumination.

To understand the mass confusion of the first visible crescent causes, click here

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