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Rome pilfering our Creators ways

Rome altered both His Times and His Laws, just as Daniel foretold.

Do you honestly suppose Rome would have been content to change His Times and His Laws, then ceased modifying other areas of our Creator's ways and written word?



Following are examples of how Rome polluted Yahuah's ways.

Do you grasp the significance of BC and AD?
Who, and perhaps more importantly, why, established that point in time?


Why and who decides when Christmas falls?
Why and who determines the start of the year?
Who and why were months and weekdays given pagan names?


Why an Old Testament first, then a New Testament?

Did Yahuah change His original plan of salvation to what the New Testament teaches today?
If not, who made the change and why?
What are Jesus Horus Christ's genuine origins?
To summarize, who owns the rights to Jesus Horus Christ? Rome owns the JHC boy.


Isn’t Hebrew the language of the Torah?

If so, why was the New Testament written in Greek?

Why were Bibles chained to pulpits?

Why were church services spoken in Latin?

Why so much persecution of non-believers in the early church?

Why the need for a Concordance?” Was not the original written/translated clearly?

If Yahuah created a perfect earth, would He have caused so much confusion in His Word?

Why do so many things have to do with the gods of Rome?

Why so much governmental control all around the world?

Why do so many English words originate from the Latin discourse?


Why transubstantiation?

Hell fire !! That came from where in the Torah?

Purgatory - Another Roman Catholic money maker.

Confession booths in the Torah? No!

Why 400 years of the dark ages? Why are they called “The dark ages?”

Where did all the pagan holidays originate?

Why is Easter, Christmas and others all based on the equinoxes of the sun?

Who, and why replaced Yahuah’s feast days?


We believe you know who holds the position to the questions.

Are you ready to face the truth and purge its imperium?

All of the above have been implemented by Rome to remove our Creators ways.

We present undisputable facts from Torah denouncing Rome's traditions.

If one has a preference for traditional Christmas celebrations and similar customs, they may be inclined to adhere to Roman traditions. Rome's traditions need severing.


The big question should be, what does our Creator Yahuah have to say about it all?

Torah clearly addresses these questions.

Is your desire for the pagan Roman holidays greater than your desire for Yahuah's truths?


Or will you examine Yahuah's truths and seek His ways?

Sunset over Lake Tahoe.
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