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Enoch's New Moon

What exactly did Enoch record? 

It is time to put an end to the Enoch new moon phase controversy; here are his written declarations from the oldest manuscripts, including the Ethiopian text and others.


They all state unequivocally that it is the full moon that is the new moon.

It is during the time the moon is fully illuminated.

1 Enoch, by RH Charles

Let us follow the facts, not our desires.

Allow it to be concluded.

The clear "signs" provided by the full moon prior to and after its transition, as well as the range of events spanning 430 years, clearly establish it is the "full moon" Yahuah granted as His "new moon."

Enoch Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament

Please note that all blue words below this box refers to a full moon. Verse 13 names the illuminated moon "the new moon."

Simply navigate to the site's right, center of the vertical border, input page 284, hit enter, and then read from verse 11 to page 285.

1 Enoch translated from Ethiopic text
Enoch Ethiopian NMD

But wait!


I have read where Enoch says "From the first to the fifteenth is a waxing moon."


Yes, he does . . .


He also uses the exact same language when describing the full moon.


Lets take a look at that.

Enoch 78 proves a new moon is full moon
Enoch the 15th both ways

The waxing and waning languages both count to the fifteenth of the month.


This does not constitute a FVC as a new moon

This is all speaking of the waxing phase to a "FULL" moon.

Below are three different interpreters, each claiming the new moon is the completely lighted full moon.
   To find it online, click on the image below.

Enoch by 3 authors Translated, each prove the full moon is the new moon.
3 translation


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