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Beit Tefillah Productions
Beit Tefillah productions

Please watch the videos below produced by Beit Tefillah Productions.


To visit their YouTube page and additional videos, click on either image above.


What is the purpose of reusing content from another website? This website is not about us; it is about your eternal salvation, which Rome's JC is unable to provide.

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New Testament Unveiled series.


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Putting To REST This "Virgin Birth" From Isaiah 7:14

Should We Still Get BAPTIZED?

Knowledge of Tanakh PROVES New Testament FALSE.

Examining Zechariah 12:10 and "Whom They Pierced."

The TRUTH about Daniel 7: 13-14 & the "Son of Man."

Are We NOT To Say THE NAME Of Elohim?

CIRCUMCISION - Is it Needed Today?


Our Favorites

Our favorites

New Testament unveiled series

Explore the "New Testament unveiled series" below. There are plenty more on their YouTube channel. You can get there by clicking on the logo in the upper left corner of this page.

New Testament unveiled

Questions often asked

virgin birth
Zachariah 12
Daniel 7
Say His Name

This site spotlights two topics.


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Torah verses stating there is no salvation in JC


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It is our hope that you will delve deeper into this vital salvation topic.

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