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Full moon over the crosses

A plea to follow Yahuah's ways alone.

This website is for those who are seeking the hard facts set forth by our Creator. His sons are of the tribe of Jacob; those are Yahuah's ONLY sons.

There is no JC foretold.

Amos 3:7

For the Master Yahuah does no matter unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.

The world ignores the fact that Yahuah has stated He will never send another savior.

If our Creator, Father Yahuah was going to send any form of new salvation to replace what He already had in place for the forgiveness of our sins, do you not think He would have foretold the world about it through His prophets at some point? He never did. There is not a single word anywhere in His Torah revealing a new messiah. What a coincidence that JC is on the scene soon after Rome had established itself throughout the world!

We will never uncover the truth about the countless secrets hidden in the Vatican archives.

Dionysius Exiguus was a Roman philosopher and theologian. He is known today for the designations BC and AD. Dionysius advocated for the use of astrological time to calculate the date of Easter. Rome's BC and AD dating systems keep Rome's JC god at the forefront of all humanity's minds, reminding the world of the time they created their JC god.

Their traditions, such as Christmas and others, keep the world submissive to their ways. The daily utterances of their pagan gods of the weekdays, months, etc. compel the world to use their verbiage, all to "remove the true ways of our Creator Father from the minds of all humanity." Please do your homework as all roads lead to Rome!   

At Torah Restored, we address two Torah-based realities, demonstrating how Rome modified our Creator's ways against His will.


1) They changed Yahuah's natural heavenly calendar.


2) Rome claims their JC is the only salvation.

This grossly contradicts the Torah.


Over the centuries, the Roman Catholic Empire has meticulously wiped each from the minds of all humanity, insisting their pagan god Jesus Horus Christ is the only means of salvation.



To cleanse all humanity's minds of our Creator's ways.

His Torah alone is truth.

A Plea to follow Yahuah
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From where do you seek salvation?
Our Creator Father Yahuah,
or Rome's  cement idols?

Torah is salvation

Father Yahuah reveals His plan of salvation in the Torah. Rome actually changed Torah portions to promote their JC deity. The lies of the New Testament are about Rome's pagan gods saving the world, which contradicts Yahuah. You must choose between Yahuah's plan of redemption and Rome's pagan god, Jesus Horus Christ, from which no salvation is attainable.

This website seeks to convey Yahuah's truths.

Click on page below for many more verses.

Isaiah 43:10

¿De dónde buscas la salvación?
Nuestro Padre Creador Yahuah,
¿O los ídolos del cemento de Roma?

En la Torá, el Padre Yahuah revela Su plan de salvación. De hecho, Roma alteró pasajes de la Torá para promover a su dios ídolo JC. Las mentiras del Nuevo Testamento hablan de los dioses paganos de Roma salvando al mundo, que es exactamente lo contrario de lo que dice Yahuah. Tienes que elegir entre el plan de salvación de Yahuah y el dios pagano de Roma, Jesús Horus Cristo, del cual no hay salvación.

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Isaiah 43:10
According to the Torah the full moon is the new moon.
Creators calendar

About this site

First and foremost

First and foremost.


We believe in our Creator Yahuah alone, as His Torah instructs.

Isaiah 43:10-12

You are My witnesses, declares יהוה, And My servant whom I have chosen, so that you know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no Ěl formed, nor after Me there is noneI, I am יהוה, and besides Me there is no saviour.

Yahuah did NOT change, Rome did.

Rome believes Jesus Christ and the saints founded the Roman Catholic Church. Due to apostolic continuity, Catholics claim to be Jesus' original church. However, nearly a decade after the Council of Nicaea, when Emperor Constantine became the first Christian Emperor, the first record of Christmas was on December 25th, which just happened to coincide with the shortest days of the year, when the sun that gives the earth its light dies for three days and then rises from its grave again on December 25th during the winter solstice. Isn't it amazing how Rome has complete control over the dates of Jesus' death and resurrection, the same JC the world wanders after today?

About this site
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Acerca de este sitio
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Was Christ really hung on a cross like this?

The Old vs. the New.

At this point, it is crucial to distinguish between the two. Everyone is familiar with the Old Testament and the New Testament of the Bible. Why are there two Testaments? We can be assured that Father Yahuah wrote the Tanakh, which includes the Torah defining who His "firstborn" is as well as His method for our salvation.

The New Testament (NT) appears around the year 70 CE. Many people question the NT's authenticity in terms of authorship, original language, and translations, yet never dig deeper to investigate the anomalies. Please know, the two are NOT the same. The first depicts our Creator, while the second portrays Rome. Many scholars believe that the Piso family, which included Flavius Josephus, was the first to make a donation. Others believe the Catholic Church Wrote the New Testament and Canonized it Under Pope Damasus in 382 AD at Council of Rome, will the truth ever be known?

Our assessment.

We evaluate JC's traits in light of the historical events surrounding Rome, as well as their aims and objectives, and then compare these to Torah teachings. We can confidently state that this JC is NOT the work of our heavenly Father. According to what our Creator, Father Yahuah, has said on numerous times, there will never be another Messiah.


We base this statement on two valid arguments:


2) When evaluating the attributes, the history of JC deity conception in Rome is reviewed.


1) We believe in the Torah and the Father's promise to provide salvation solely through Him.


The bottom line with JC is this.

According to the One and Only Father Yahuah, if you cling to what the world calls Jesus Christ, or any other name you and your companions have concocted, you are bowing down to Rome's golden calf, from which there is no salvation. The Christians received Christ from Rome, and the Catholic Church received Mary as their mother. You are admiring and revere the concrete pagan gods of Rome.

Our assessment

Please keep in mind the value of this website.

Our thoughts and opinions are ultimately meaningless and should not be used to influence you. The final words on this website are found in the Torah verses, which contain our Creator Father's original ways which demonstrate beyond all reasonable doubt that the Father Yahuah never intended to send, nor did He ever send, another man such as Jesus Horus Christ to die for the sins of the world.

This is why this website exists, English and Spanish.

Tenga en cuenta el valor de este sitio web.

Nuestros pensamientos y opiniones, en última instancia, no tienen sentido y no deben utilizarse para influir en usted. Las últimas palabras de este sitio web se encuentran en los versículos de la Torá, que contienen los métodos originales de nuestro Padre Creador que demuestran más allá de toda duda razonable que el Padre Yahuah nunca tuvo la intención de enviar, ni envió, a otro hombre como Jesús Horus Cristo a morir. por los pecados del mundo.

Cientos de escrituras de la Torá en español están aquí, lo que demuestra que solo Yahuah es nuestra salvación.


En última instancia, para eso está este sitio.

Site values

Unlearning the lies.

The space between my ears encompasses my field of knowledge. My grey matter contains the sum of what I believe I know! I must recognize that there is more to study, comprehend, and, at times, unlearn those lessons that have proven to be untruths that have been implanted within the limitations of my mind!

In other words, conduct research on this critical topic. YES! It is a matter of salvation.

Unlearn the lies

King James Bible is based on Rome's ecclesiology.

Please take the time to research the history of the King James Bible and its connections to the Catholic Church on your own. The King James Bible endorses Rome's Jesus Christ under Roman Catholicism. Many people regard it as their favorite Bible. It is also Rome's preferred method of promoting its JC god idol.

To comprehend the KJV, we must go back to the early 17th century. Remember, the English Church was still Roman Catholic at the time.


The Roman Catholic ecclesiology--government and structure--influenced the thoughts of translators. The church propagated Jesus through English Bible translations.


The King James Bible had an impact on both English and Christianity. The widespread use of its vocabulary and idioms demonstrates its influence. More than 31% of Christian groups support the King James Bible, which originated in the Roman Catholic Church. If you are among the 31%, Yahuah makes it apparent that there is no salvation in heathen gods.

Our journey to Torah
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Nuestro viaje a la Torá
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Our journey to the Torah.

Meeting my lovely wife, Rozella.

In 2014, I had the pleasure of meeting the love of my life and partner, Rozella. We regularly discussed what else our Father might reveal to us, as we already shared many ideas regarding His natural celestial calendar which Father Yahuah established at creation. We both had comparable conversations with our parents, including the one I had with my father regarding the church we attended. Roze frequently shared with her mother the feast days mentioned in the Torah. We both wanted to understand more about the history of this "Christian" concept and conduct additional study. At the age of eight, I remember asking my father why we recited the Apostle's Creed after church every Sunday. I questioned him, "We are not Catholic; why do we do that?"


After more than six years of thoroughly examining the Roman Catholic Church's origins, spiritual concepts, and intent, as well as comparing Torah teachings, we have concluded that the Catholic Church has over time built upon and created the Jesus Christ the world has known since childhood.


The arguments match Constantine's aims, which are essentially to dominate the populace through the use of a god, presently known as Jesus Horus Christ. The rulers' history conveniently repeats itself. These breadcrumbs lead us to the conclusions we now hold: Jesus Christ, or any other Messianic name one gives it, is undoubtedly a creation of the Roman Empire. The Catholic Church has complete control over every aspect of it, including its birth, death, and resurrection, and it is impossible to deny this. Just in case you have not noticed, Rome has replicated the events of Christ life around astro-religious.

A great disappointment.

The "Christian" Church has been so successful in imposing their pagan Christ god on the world that Rozella's grandfather, who was a lifelong Seventh-Day Adventist shortly before his death, wept like a broken child because the Jesus Christ he so fervently believed in did not return to earth during his lifetime. The bogus pagan god Rome has imposed on the entire world, whom they call Christ, our salvation, has irreversibly altered the landscape from what Yahuah's original Torah taught before the Catholic Church existed. You may be certain that the pagan god of Rome, Jesus Christ, is nothing more than a false god, as Yahuah Himself has warned us against. You can know there is no hope of salvation in this pagan Roman god the world calls Jesus Christ.

The Torah never reveres this Christ; rather, we are cautioned not to acknowledge it or even mention the names of these gods.

Researching Christianity.

An interesting encounter occurred when I believed that the Seventh-day Adventist denomination identified the seventh day of the Gregorian calendar as Saturday as the true "seventh day Sabbath. It is not.. I went to Aquinas College to find two books: "Catechism of the Catholic Church" and "The Converts Catechism of Catholic Doctrine." My purpose was to fact-check the claims made by the SDA church about the Catholic religion, particularly with the change of times and laws. On my way to the book store, I had a pleasant encounter with a nun. As we chatted, she made an interesting remark related to a subject I had asked my father three decades prior. She kindly replied, "We are all Christians brother." Her response really surprised me, which made me feel compelled to learn more about this concept of "Christianity."


In summary,

The key point is this: Jesus Horus is a creation of Rome, and it is completely unrelated to the concept of salvation. Actually, based on the explicit teachings of the Torah, the situation is quite the contrary. In His Torah, our Creator Father has repeatedly affirmed that He will never send another messiah or any other kind of salvation apart from Himself.

Are there further teachings that we might gain from our Father Yahuah? The Vatican Apostolic Archive is reported to have around 53 miles of shelves, with a collection of 35,000 volumes in the selective catalogue alone. What might they be concealing? Does this answer the question?

Finally, an appeal.

We encourage you to research deeply from the Torah alone this crucial salvation issue. In an ever-changing world, it is important to reexamine our current ideas and embrace our Creator's original methods alone. We live in a time when conformity is king. We implore you to break free from the shackles of this pagan world's customs. The world is ruled by Rome's pagan calendars and seeks salvation from its pagan gods, from which there is no redemption. We must return to our Creator Yahuah's Torah and His ways.


Is our Creator's original plan of salvation still valid, or did Rome hijack it as well?

Lake Tahoe sunset

In this part, we examine Yahuah's genuine salvation plan.

Select a subject below to delve into.

Return often, this coming soon.

Tanakh Vs the New Testament

Tanakh Vs the New Testament

Tanakh tells a very different story about our Creator than the New Testament. Do you believe in the Father or the Roman Empire?

salvation stolen
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